Introducing LensWare
Palm Utilities for the Ophthalmologist

  • Over Refraction allows the user to calculate the final prescription of a refraction determined using an over-refraction. The user simply inputs the patient's current lens correction along with the over-refraction. The program will then calculate the lens combination.
  • Vertex distance - the change in strength that a lens needs to be made as it is moved closer or further from the eye.
  • Addition of Prisms - sometimes in measuring eye deviation, a prism needs to be placed over both eyes. This can not be simply added...there is a table many of us use but they are always getting lost!

More features will be added in future and registered users will get updates free.
Latest Version of Palm LensWare is 1.1.0
Download the latest version of LensWare for Palm OS
LensWare is Shareware, you can download the software and use it in demo mode. The demo mode gives all of the features of the registered version for a time limited period.

If you like LensWare and wish to use it regularily, then you can register it on-line and we will supply a registration code to fully enable the software.
Note that your 'User Name' (this is displayed in the LensWare Register Window) must be supplied so that the registration code can be generated for you.
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