Introducing PalmTrack


Realtime Moon Sun and Celestial Noise Source Tracking for Moon Bouncers

  • Use your Palm or Handspring Visor P.D.A. to show the current Moon position.
  • Ideal for use in the shack or portable.
  • No interference to radio reception from your PC.
  • Sun Position also computed for aligning antennas on Sun Noise.
  • Valuable additional details pertaining to EME operation included: DGR, Sky Noise, Doppler shift.
  • Easy entry of your location either by Latitude/Longitude or Grid Square.
  • Calculates UTC from your Palm's Local time.
  • Doppler for all VHF/UHF/SHF bands included.
  • Will also predict position of Sun/Moon for any chosen date/time.

Leo Noise Source
Above: The display of Celestial Radio Noise Sources (From the'Target 'Menu)
NEW! - Now also tracks Celestial Radio Noise Sources and Cold Sky
More and more features will be added in future and registered users will get updates free.
Latest Version of PalmTrack is 1.2
Download the latest version of PalmTrack
The download is a zipped folder containing 2 files. You are required to install both files on your Palm Pilot.

PalmTrack is Shareware, you can download the software and use it in demo mode. The demo mode gives all of the features of the registered version except that it quits after a few minutes each time it is run.

If you like PalmTrack and wish to use it regularily, then you can register it on-line and we will supply a registration code to fully enable the software.
Note that your 'User Name' (this is displayed in the PalmTrack Register Window) must be supplied so that the registration code can be generated for you.
Go to the PalmTrack Registration Page

PalmTrack FAQ

What is DGR ?
DGR is short for Degradation. It is figure of merit in dB that represents how good or bad Moonbounce signals should be compared to ideal conditions of the lowest sky noise and closest Earth Moon distance.
Generally DGR figures of less than 2dB are good. The lower the DGR the better.
What is the figure in °K ?
This is the background
Sky Noise temperature expressed in degrees Kelvin. The lower this figure is the better will be the signal/noise of Moonbounce signals. You will notice that the sky noise temp varies with frequency Band (chosen from the Band menu).
What is Perigee ?
Perigee is the time when the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth in its 27 day eliptical orbit. The actual Earth - Moon distance is shown in Kilometres by PalmTrack.
What is New Moon ?
New Moon is when the Sun and the Moon appear to be closest together in the heavens as viewed from Earth. Generally New Moon is a bad time for Moonbounce because of the Sun Noise.
What are the Noise Sources Cass A Cyg A, Sag A etc ?
These are objects in the sky that emit strong radio signals. Some are Radio Galaxies and others are remnants of Super Novas. They are useful for testing your system sensitivity.
What is Cold Sky ?
This is an area of the sky where there are no strong radio noise sources and consequently the noise level will be very low. (lower than the thermal noise from our earth's surface). As a check on your system performance you may wish to compare the difference in dB between Cold Sky and one of the stronger Noise sources such as Cass A or Cyg A.
What is Doppler ?
The frequency in Hertz by which your received Moon Echo will differ from your Transmit Frequency. It varies because the Earth Moon distance varies because of the eliptical orbit of the Moon around the Earth and also because the station is on the rotating surface of the Earth. Also note the higher the Frequency Band used, the higher the Doppler Shift.
What is UTC ?
Universal Time Coordinated. For all practical purposes the same as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The time at the Greenwich meridian 0 degrees longitude. All calculations in PalmTrack use UTC. The GMT Offset figure in 'Location' allows the user to leave his Palm on Local time.
How do I enter my Location ?
From the location menu. You can either enter your Latitude and longitude OR your World Wide Locator (GRID). If you want to enter latitude or longitude then the format is degrees and decimal parts of degrees not degrees and minutes. eg 56.3456 degrees is OK. In countries that use a comma as the decimal seperator then it would be 56,3456 .
What is the Callsign field in Location ?
This is an optional field, you can enter anything you like, for example the name of your location or your Ham Radio Callsign.
Can I use the Registered version of PalmTrack from any location ?
Yes - It is not limited to your home location. You can change the location at any time. It is registered to your user name.