Jan 2007

Other online resources for Sony A100

There a number of discussion forums for the Sony A100 DSLR


Gary Friedman's new 'Advanced Topics' eBook

All Konica Minolta / Sony A100 DSLR users may be interested in Gary Friedman's latest offering in eBook form (a downloadable pdf file which you can view on screen or print out for your own use). Read More...

Tom Harvey tests Sony A100 flash anomalies

A fellow Sony A100 DSLR user, Tom Harvey, has done some extremely thorough testing that illustrates the flash exposure problem.
This is with the camera's own popup flash.

Sony A100 default flash mode

Reading the Sony A100 DSLR camera manual p86/87 you could easily be confused by Flash Default. Read More...

Sony A100 flash exposure anomalies

There appears to be something really odd with the way the Sony A100 DSLR camera flash exposure works, or rather doesn't work. Read More...