MoonSked C.A.T.S. W2DRZ rotator control EME Moonbounce

More MoonSked Rotator Drivers available

The number of serial controlled rotator controllers that the new Version of MoonSked can use is still increasing.

MoonSked supported Antenna Rotators (Macintosh and Windows)
MoonSked can automatically control antenna tracking. These additional rotator drivers are available (free) by request - to MoonSked Registered Users only.

Rotator Systems supported are:C.A.T.S DPU-1100-D, W2DRZ controller, W0LMD Sat Tracker (Easycomm 1),Hy-gain DCU-1, Green Heron RT-20,Yaesu GS-232, G6LVB,SPID, M2, DL7AOT(EasyComm1) and BigBoy ProSisTel. More systems will be added as necessary.

Yaesu G-5500 Az/EL with GS-232 Rotator Interface.
Also supports the G6LVB tracker which uses the GS-232 protocol 9600 baud.
The LVB tracker box is available from

SPID Az/El RS-232 Rotator
Versions for the ROT2PROG and ROT1PROG available.

DL7AOT's RS-232 Rotator Interface (Easycomm1 Protocol 19200 baud)

W0LMD's Sat Tracker RS-232 Rotator Interface (Easycomm1 Protocol 9600 baud with continuous update)

Green Heron Engineering RT-20 and RT-21 Controllers (Universal controllers)
This new RS-232 controller can control just about any rotor ac or dc motor, pulse or pot feedback.
It is compatible with the Hy-Gain DCU-1 protocol 4800 baud.

Hy-gain DCU-1
RS-232 serial Interface.

M2 Orion Rotors
The M2 Controllers have an RS232 interface which can also be controlled by MoonSked.

Prosistel (Big Boy) Rotors
PST 'C' Controller Box (RS-232 serial interface)
PST 'D' Controller Box (RS-232 serial interface)

W2DRZ Controller
Tom's controller

C.A.T.S DPU-1100-D controller (Elevation)
Just let me know if you need any other type of C.A.T.S. controller